Everybody has an untold story; They just need to find someone who will listen.

Her Dreams.

I have a perfectly painted picture in my head of how I'd like my life to be when I'm older.
I would like to go to school to become an Emergancy Medical Technician. I want to save lives.
Somewhere between the ages of 20 and 25 I would like to marry my sweetheart forever in the temple.
We will go on our honeymoon somewhere with white sand and clear waters.
I'd like to have a couple of years of marraige under my belt,
and then I would like to have children.
2 boys and one girl which I would spoil completely.
We would go to Grandma's house for dinner once a month,
Finger paint and hang our master pieces on the refridgerator.
Go on lots of picnics.
I can't wait to be a mother.
Or maybe I can.
I think little kids are just absolutely adorable.
I would kiss my husband when he comes in the door from a long hard day at work.
Hopefully by then I won't be such a bad cook.
But hopefully he will love me anyways.
I want to watch my children grow up
and watch them succeed in life.
And of course,
I want to grow old with my sweetheart.

But who knows what the future has in hold for me.
A friend once told me,
"If you want to make god laugh, tell him your plans."
It's true though.
I could die tomorrow.
Or never get married.
Life is full of the unexpected.
So I have my hopes and dreams and expectations of what I want my life to be.
But I trust what god has in store for me.