Everybody has an untold story; They just need to find someone who will listen.

The girl Behind it All.

My name is Melissa Noel Tucker.
I've lived right here in this beloved little town called Lindon my whole life.
I was on the Pleasant Grove Vikings Freshman Cheer team. Finished off the season with a roundolph backhand spring, and I am currently working on my Roundolph Backtuck! I love my team, this cheer season has been life changing. I think I found something I truly enjoy doing.
I am on the Pleasant Grove High School Softball Team. Softball is definatley hard work. But if i don't play it for a couple of days, i begin to crave the red dirt, the sweat, the sound of the ball hitting a bat, and the feeling of hard work. I love it most days.
I Love my Family dearly:
Father: John Tucker, owns a Landscaping company.
Mother: Lisa Tucker, she's truly beautiful in all she does.
Craig: He is a return missionary, and attends Western Wyoming Community Collegde on a Basketball Scholarship.
Kyle: He is serving an LDS mission in the Panama, Panama city area. Here is his missionary blog if you would like to take a look! http://elderkyletucker.blogspot.com/
Nicole: She is a photographer,  http://nicoletuckerphotography.blogspot.com/ check it out! but she is also my best friend, and we have the greatest times together. She also loves to blog! http://www.mylanguageofthesoul.blogspot.com/ check her blog out also!
Jessica: She is a handful, but I love her anyways(: She is always good to have around, and she is the baby of the family.

"I am not random. You just can't think as fast as I can!"

11 Pictures, 11 facts/words of advice (You ask yourself why 11? Because the number 10 is boring)

1. [Words of advice] Be Yourself. Life's better that way anyways.

2. [fact] I love Girls nights. You know the ones where you watch dear john, cry, play the skittles game, talk, sing in the middle of the night, stay up all night, play legos. Yep.

3. [fact] I love the beach. It's my happy place.

4. [words of advice] If you didn't worry about love; you'd have a perfectly unharmed flower.

5. [fact] Vans with Nike socks. I do it too.

6. [fact] We are family. Cheer 2011<3

7. [words of advice] Smile; It's good for your soul.

8. [fact] It's the simple things that mean the most to me.

9. [fact] Skunktail. and prouf of it. ;)

10. [fact] Erika Logan is my best friend.

11. [words of advice] Choose the friends you can be yourself with. You'll have funner.