Everybody has an untold story; They just need to find someone who will listen.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

It is the best when you realize he isn't just someone you like alot//
he's your bestfriend too.
We are just dorks together.
We laugh so hard.
I sing to him.
We go on drives up the canyon.
He tickles me to death.
We go on late night hot chocolate runs.
I go see the things he does for work.
and he watches me play the piano.
We drive for miles and miles and let the music play.
He always lets me plug my ipod on.
I have never once heard a word of complaint from him while I play my music.
from Taylor Swift
to Linkin Park
to Jason Aldean
to Imagine Dragons.
He will listen to it all.
I love it.
Him and my mom talk.
//she loves him//
We star gaze in 53 degree weather.
He laughs at my passenger seat driving.
and I laugh at his laugh.
We smear twinky on eachothers faces.
He never fails to get me home on time.
He listens to me.
He always lets me pick the movie;
he will sit through the notebook and not complain a word.
We go to parks and sit in the shade.
We go horseback riding.
We go camping.
He taught me how to shoot a gun.
He has me read my book, and just looks at me while I do.
//which makes it very hard to concentrate on the story//
He gave me a kitten.
We share secrets, hopes, and dreams.
We sing to Taylor Swift and laugh.
I smile alot now.
He texts me goodmorning and goodnight.
He lets me borrow his hoodies.
We talk for hours and hours.
He opens my car door and buckles me in.
We go on ice cream runs.
Anything I crave he makes sure I have.
He lets me decide what we do.
He sent me roses on valentines day.
We go fourwheeling.
He knows me better than anyone else.
He stands up for me in any situation.
He is a true friend who has my back, and won't talk smack behind it.
vice versa.
We go school shopping together.
He waits patiently for me to try on 50 articles of clothing.
He's going to teach me how to drive stick.
He makes me feel beautiful in large T shirts.
We spend all day at car shows
and have gone on many other adventures.
He never fails to make me happy.
I smile everyday because of him.