Everybody has an untold story; They just need to find someone who will listen.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Days.

My summer days have consisted of
Waking up around 8:00 and working out.
In my opinion being fit gives a person confidence.
It makes them feel better about themself.
I love the burning feeling it brings.
And by 10:00 I am usually all ready for the day.
It's kind of nice because I've found that you feel better when you get your butt out of bed.
Weird how that works out.
I'm sorry but people who sleep in EVERY day bug me.
Every once in a while is fine.
But every day? yeah get out of bed and do something. Stupid teenagers.
Sleep is nice but eh.
I would rather wake up at 8 and then take a nap at 2 in the afternoon
then sleep in til 12. 0r 1.
But that is just my opinion. :)

I enjoy going up to city creek and buying pretty things.
I like to go to the local pool, because I honestly could care less about 7 Peaks.
I like to go to color me mine with my mother.
I go out to lunch often with my mother as well.
We have become great friends.
because well
I basically have fallen off the face of the earth.
Well not really but it feels that way.
I hangout with very few people.
And people I thought were my bestfriend's proved me wrong.
Oh don't you just love receiving voicemails of people saying nasty things about you... on "butt dial."
Yeah people get more and more fake every day.
Ive learned that
[A girl doesn't need anybody who doesn't need her]
{If someone wants you in their life they'll make an effort to keep you there}
(Sometimes you run away just to see who will chase you)
-Fake is the new trend. And everybody seems to be in style-
I wonder what goes through people's minds..
I don't understand how a person could just be flat out rude.
Especially to someone who was there when nobody else was?
Sometimes I wonder how they do it. How they can just be mean and act like they don't care.
I hope karma slaps them in the face.
This summer's been awfully rough.
As hurt as I am from backstabbers.
I've found myself recreating friendships with beautiful people,
and making new ones.
The two girls next door are excellent.
We watch hairspray and eat jelly beans til midnight.
Then I just walk home.
Its rather convienant. I don't need to worry about a ride home.
I go to the pool with my little sister and her friend.
Spending time with little girls as annoying as it is puts a smile on my face.

I also spend some days up in the cute little town of Heber.
That is a place where a very cute boy lives.
And the air up there just makes me feel so at ease and free.
There's nothing better than going to his family parties
and adoring his cute kittens.
-which infact he's going to give me one next week :) I am so happy for this.
It puts a smile on my face when I get dropped off and he smiles and says you can borrow my sweatshirt for a while :)
oh dear.
Why do some boys have to be so adorable and charming?
I might be in trouble here.

This summer my brother got married in the Logan Temple to his Sweetheart.
It was such an awesome day.
Their so in love it drives me nuts!
But it's also very cute.
I never knew my brother had a soft side.
I am going to take up a few projects to busy myself,
one which will be making a quilt.
We'll see how that goes.
I remodled my blog,
I adore summer.

I cannot wait for girls camp.
I just want to get out of here.
And away from all the stupid people.
I cannot wait for drivers ed in August.
I turn 16 in less then 3 months.
Im getting a car.
I cannot even share how excited I am for that.

Life is hard right now.
But I am trying to make the best out of everything.
Like my sister in law corrects me everytime I say "this sucks!"
She says "It will be character building"
Indeed it will.
As long as I keep telling myself that, it will be.

Hopefully July will be better than June was.