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Sunday, April 15, 2012

These are a Few of my Favorite Things.

These are a few of my favorite things;

-Fish tail braids. They are quite lovely.
-Softball Jackets. I tend to wear my black VIKINGS jacket alot.
It happens to be the warmest article of clothing I own.
-Clock Necklaces. Like the one in the picture. Love.
-Combat boots. I still wear mine even though it's spring.
-Matt Kearny. His voice is soothing.
-Pandora. Who needs Itunes when you can get anything you'd like from Pandora!
-St. George. The sun down there is a beautiful thing.
-Striped Socks. I like them, they are cute.
-A Clean Room. I recently have become obsessed with keeping my room spotless.
-Pintrest. I finally gave in to getting one, oh what a lovely way to waste time.
-Softball. I crave the red dirt, being tired, and practice everyday.
-No school. Oh so nice. I hate school.
-The sun. I am happier when the sun is out.
-Playing the Piano. It's nice.
-One Direction. Yes, I am a One Directioner.
-Driving. Yes I said it. I am legal with my permit, and I love to scare my mom by driving.
-People who listen. If you listen to me, I cherish you.
-The blogging world. I may not post much, but I read alot.

The blogs in which I enjoy reading:

My sister, Nicole Tucker's. She is definatley a writer.

Kami Reiser. She won't fail at writing a blogpost you'll enjoy. I adore her.

India Severe. Her blog is just adorable. Her posts are so lovely.

Angela Bellitti. She is so inspirational. She won't fail to bring a smile to your face.

Tiffany Vincient. Her blog is fun!

Meg Livingston. The famous blog you all know of. It's just simply the cutest.

Sydney Bruning. Her blog is adorable(:

Daisy Torres. Her blog makes you feel at home. I love how warm it is!

Aubrey Herrera. She is such a lovely person whom I adore.