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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Marvelous March.

March is here, and so is the sun.
Pull out your capri's from the bottom of your drawers, or the back of your closet,
and wear them.
Paint your toes a bright pretty color and wear some sandals or flip flops.
60 Degree weather, I cannot complain.
Put away your boots, scarves, and pea coats, and hope that this weather is here to stay.

I am pretty sure this sunshine has gotten to me.
-No more black and white/blue blog-
I decided it was time to brighten things up a little.
So I have spent a fair amount of my sunday hours updating my blog.
Check out all my tabs, and side bars.
Most are new (:

The weather is beautiful, and so are you!
Happy sunday kids(:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Sport.

Everyday, I pull on some softball pants.
A Jershey or shirt.
Slide on black or blue socks.
Yank on my Black Nike cleats.
I have never worn the same type of clothing so much in my life.
I practically live in softball attire now.
I have made the Pleasant Grove Highschool Softball team.
As a Freshman.
Pure Joy.
Which means:
Multiple times a week.
Vegas in April.
My social life has went down the drain.
But I don't care.
Because I am doing something everyday that I love.
I am out on that feild,
improving something.
Softball Isn't just a sport.
It can change a person.
You busy yourself, so you don't have time to waste time.

I love the red dirt.
I love the sound cleats make when they hit the pavement.
I love the stupid bumps I get from tucking in my Jershey.
I love the sound the bat makes when it's contacted with a ball.
I love seeing a perfect slide to second base.
I love the anxiety I get when I have 2 strikes.
I love the swing of a bat.
I love the bad hair I have when I take my helmet off.
I love bruises I get from being nailed with the ball.
I love breaking my finger from catching.
I love feeling the lace of the ball on my fingers.
I love everything about the sport.
It is amazing.
Softball doesn't build character,
It reveals it.