Everybody has an untold story; They just need to find someone who will listen.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A short message. -thoughts&&feelings.

This week, I have learned, that if you smile at the world
It will smile back.
If you wake up early for school, and actually take the time to get ready, and not be rushed,
you have a better/happier day.
I have learned that if you go to seminary with a smile on your face, and a good attitude,
you'll enjoy it, and you'll be happy to go back the next time.
If you practice your piano as your told to do so, it will be easy.
If you're nice to your parents,
they are nice to you.
If you eat healthy,
you feel healthy.
If you smile,
you feel like doing it more.
If you think happy.
You can be happy.

Do good.
Be good.
Feel good.

Life's to short for unhappiness.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Take one simple moment.

Take a walk in somebody else's shoes. You may think you know their story, but it's probably 110% different from what you see.
You never TRULY know someone until you've walked for miles in their shoes. So put on somebody else's shoes, and walk.
Take a moment to stop, and feel their pain.
Take a moment to feel the sorrow, the bitterness, the saddness, the lonliness, and the hurt they probably feel. You'd be surprised at how much it hurts. You'd be surprised at how much you might have hurt them.
Take a moment to see what if feels like to try so hard to fit in, and then get shutdown. See what it feels like to be hurt over and over again. See what being bashed on and yelled at, and pushed around everyday is. See what it feels like to hear people you thought were your friends talk behind your back, and call you things you'll never forget.
Take a moment to realize the person you just called stupid has dislexia and reads for 2 hours a day to try to be normal.
Take a moment and realize the girl you just called ugly spends hours in front of the mirrior perfecting herself with makeup to look good enough for the world.
Just take one simple moment to realize nobody is what they seem. People smile through the pain. People lie and say their okay.
Don't judge somebody's life story, when you don't even know a page of their book.
Take a moment to notice the pain behind people's smiles. The hurt in their eyes. Their silent cries for help.
Take a moment to compliment someone. And go ahead, smile at someone, you could make their day, and maybe even save their life.
Get to know somebody and their story. You'd be surprised at how willing some people are to share it, they've just been waiting for someone to listen, to ask questions, to care.
So go ahead, take a moment to be somebody's hero.