Everybody has an untold story; They just need to find someone who will listen.

Friday, December 23, 2011

She Needs A Miracle.

At 6 years of age she was on the couch, ringing with pain. They thought it was just a growing pain but she knew it was more then that.
She was taken to the doctor.
She then foundout she was diagnosed with Perthes Hip Disease.
From that second, her life was changed insantly.
From that day forth she could not live the life of an average person.
No instead she lived a life where
She has spent countless hours in pain.
She has had countless sleepless nights.
She has taken countless pain medications.
Been to countless doctor appointments.
She knows a little to well what being poked with a needle feels like.
She has made her way around on crutches and wheelchairs.
Has been in countless people's prayers.
She has had several surgeries.
Been to the hospital countless times.
But what matter's the absolute most is that through everything, she has smiled.
She is a girl who knows how to smile when things are the hardest.
A girl who knows how to smile when it hurts the most.
A girl who is now 13 years of age, and has fought her way through all of the pain.
All of the tears.
All of the days wishing she could just be normal.
All of the times when she watched someone do something amazing with their physical body and wish she could even run without feeling like she is going to fall apart.
All of the questions.
All of the doctor's appointment's.
All of the hard times.
She is one of the most strongest people I have ever met.
She is an inspiration to me whether she knows it or not.
She makes me want to be a better person.
She truly is amazing.
And if she thinks she can't do something, or be normal.
Then she needs to look back, at everything she has accomplished,
and then look at a regular persons life, and at what they've accomplished.
She has accomplished so so so much. And I hope she knows that.
She has been through so many hard times,
But the important thing is, she stuck it out.
She never gave up.
She never said this is too hard for me.
Or I can't do it.
Sure she might of said she was scared.
Or hurt.
Or tired.
Or she needed help.
but I know she didn't give up on herself. Because she still stands strong today.
Yesterday she went in for another surgery on her hip.
It is the last option before a hip replacement.
She won't be able to even walk for a while.
Today I went and visited her up at the hospital,
and she could barley sit up in her bed. Let alone walk. And move.
As sad as this may sound...If you just look at her, and listen to her stories, and hear about her life,
You start to realize... That she was given this defect in her life, because God knew she could conquer it.
"God gives you no challenge that you cannot overcome."
I believe this. I truly do.
Because I sure know, I could not be as strong as she is today.
I could not do it. I could never do the things she does.
She may feel weak, and broken, and tired, and helpless.
But little did she know, she is a miracle.

Seeing her smile in that hospital bed, and laugh, is truly amazing.
There was nothing like the spirit in that hospital room today.
Today truly changed my life.
And the person I want to be.
I want to be a stronger person.
She has told me, that she wishes so hard to just be a regular teenage girl,
But I don't think she realizes that I, in ways, want to be like her.
She is so strong. So amazing.
For me to watch her live her life the way she does, changes mine.
I love her to death.
She is amazing.
She is Beautiful.
She is kind.
She is caring.
She is loving.
She is thoughtful.
She is generous.
She is loving.
She is great.
She is Hannah Russell.
We need to pray for her.
We need a miracle here.
Because One day,
I want her
To live
And one day,
I believe
she will live

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Life in December.

This December has been one of the funnest months of the year. The family, the ugly sweaters, the concerts, the christmas season, being with the people I love. Here are a few snapshots of the cherished moments.

I became a "mother" to my teen living baby (class for school) And his name was Boston Cache Garth Alexander Shannah Snow Brown. There were several people who insisted on naming him, that's why his name became so long. It was a really great learning experience to have to take care of this baby for a week.
I got to see my best friend that lives in Lehi. He is truly an amazing person, and as friends, we have been through so much, and I am so grateful he stuck around. I know he is a person who will always be there for me no matter what.
Got to go see the lights at temple square 3 times this year!
Got to make gingerbread houses with my best friend, Hannah, and her family! So fun!
Christmas Tradition: Go up to Salt Lake, donate bags of old clothes to the Homeless Shelter, and then go to Litza's pizza for a wonderful dinner, and then go see the lights at temple square with my four best friends, Erika, Kylie, Hannah, and Brielle.
Participated in Ugly Christmas sweater day at school. Gotta Love it. (:
Spent a couple of days with Hannah, we watched christmas movies, played just dance, went to temple square, made gingerbread houses, and talked for hours. She is up at the University of Utah hospital right now getting hip surgery, and will be in the hospital for the holidays, so I spent her last few days with her before she went in. Love her to death, keep her in your prayers!
My older sister did a photoshoot for me in the cold winter air, it turned out really cool. If you would like to see more of these pictures, or more of her work, check out her photography blogg http://www.nicoletuckerphotography.blogspot.com/

I got to go to the David Archuleta My Kind Of Christmas Concert. It was an amazing concert, and if you haven't already heard, that is where he made his special announcment that he will be serving a full time mission for the LDS church. Way cool experience to be there, David Archuleta is such a cute boy, heart and soul. (:
I've gotten to spend time with this wonderful boy. Spencer Snow, he is truly an awesome guy. He makes me laugh endlessly. I love being around him. He is very special to me!

I am so excited for Christmas and New Year's! I love not having school, and being able to sleep in, and sit around all day in sweats, and party at night. I am praying for snow, it does not look like December out there! :( well, Merry Christmas my friends! #Remember the reason for the season.

Love, MellyTuck

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Believe.

Christmas is the time for believing... so I'd like to share what I [Believe]

I believe that Your true beauty is inside of you.
I believe in miracles
I believe music can cure a broken soul
I believe in procastinating
I believe that god is there
I believe that christmas is the season of love
I believe that with god, anything is possible
I believe giving is more exciting than receiveing
I believe that a lighthouse without a light is just an empty house
I believe you wouldn't be who you are today without your friends and family
I believe that ugly christmas sweater's really aren't that ugly
I believe that you can do anything you set your mind to
I believe that it's the times when he pulls away that make you love him even more
I believe if your mind can do it, your body can too
I believe that there are real men with real virtue and integrity out there in the world, waiting for YOU
I believe that certain lyrics can take you back to a certain moment
I believe in bucketlists
I believe in memories
I believe that you have the friends you have for a reason
I believe everyone in your life is a blessing
I believe if you try your hardest, you can never fail
I believe in the power of music
I believe that laughter is the best medicine, because it never runs out
I believe that the best way to be happy is to make other's happy first
I believe that you feel good when you do something good
I believe that you should never let your prayin knee's get lazy
I believe in friendship
I believe in christmas spirit
I believe that your family will always be there for you
I believe that there will always be those people who will never like you, so you might as well be yourself.
I believe that a boy's best feature is his smile 
I believe that if someone really cares about you, they will show it, not say it
I believe that to me leggings are pants
I believe that families can last forever if you make them
I believe that chocolate really does help
I believe that it isn't you that's ugly, its society
I believe in first impressions
I believe that everybody has an untold story that they are dieing to get out, but they just need someone who will listen
I believe that shy people just need to be broken out of their shell
I believe in smiling when it hurts
I believe in faking it til you make it
I believe in getting back up again after you fall down
I believe that if you want to marry a ten, you've gotta be a ten
I believe if you scew up, you can always try again
I believe in forgiveness
I believe that the key thing is to do, not to try
I believe that if you try your hardest everyday, you'll live your days with no regrets
I believe that if a person dares to call you ugly, their the ugly one, not you
I believe that teacher's should treat you on your behvaior that day, not your reputation or what you've done in the past
I believe that playing the piano calms you
I believe that yelling at people just makes things worse
I believe if you believe in other's, they will believe in you
I believe if someone says you can't do something, it just makes you want to prove them wrong
I believe that if you smile at life, it will smile back
I believe that every person is beautiful inside and out
I believe in love

Believe in YOURSELF.

"Believeing isn't seeing, It's knowing."

Words from: MellyTuck.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Music Cures.

Music Cures a broken soul.

If you're having a rough day, put in your headphones and put out the world.
Teenagers listen to music in all situations.
and if you're like me...
by the time you're 45 you will have hearing loss.
[If you say it's too loud. Then you're too old.]
^My motto.
I over play my favorite songs,
I listen to piano music before bed,
I listen to rap music before a track meet, to get me pumped up. [obviously]
I sing to the christmas melodies, because what is christmas without the familiar melodies?
I pound at the piano keys, and play my favorite arrangments, over and over. Practice makes perfect.
If I like a song, I will always find a way to constantly be listening to it.
Music is truly amazing.
I would like to say thank you to all those wonderful music artists from Paul Cardal to Taylor Swift to Lil Wayne.
Those who got me through those times when I needed quiet happy music,
times when I wanted to remember certain memories. Certain songs remind me of certain times or people.
Time when I was nervous, and needed heavy music to distract my mind.
Times when I wanted comfort. that I wasn't the only girl in the world that thought things. [thank you Taylor Swift, your music is like every teenage girl's diary.]

I believe music, certain songs can take you back to a certain day, time, or memory. Because that song, will never change. but the world an people will. So when a certain song plays through, it will make you remember what used to be. Sad or happy memories you will be reminded of.
Listen to music that makes you happy. sad. wild. upset. depressed. loved. whatever you would like. Whatever you feel like feeling. music can create moods.

One of my biggest music inspirations is...
They just came out with a new album!
J.wride Love on the run EP
check it out on Itunes. Its a good one. J.wride is simply amazing. His music is sooo good. cannot even describe how perfect and sweet his melodies are. He is crazy on the piano keys, and the fact that it's just his voice, the piano, a bass, and drums blows my mind. He is truly talented, and inspires me. I could listen to his music for hours. and I do. Thank you J.wride!