Everybody has an untold story; They just need to find someone who will listen.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Love Potion #9 [The boy who]

You know, there's always going to be that one boy.
The boy who is [as some say] your BOW. [[Boy of the week]]
The boy who makes you laugh & cry.
The boy you can't wait to recieve a text from.
The boy who'd be sad if you died.
The boy who is the reason you smile all day.
The boy who get's you threw the hard days of the week.
The boy who you daydream about in that dreadful math class.
The reason you don't want to go to bed, because that would mean stop talking to him.
The reason you curl your hair and wear lip gloss.
The reason you spend twice as long getting ready for the day then you normally would have.
and To you he is perfect in all ways.
He smells good. all the time.
He's on the football team.
He is a sweetheart to you.
He tell's you that you are truly incredible, and beautiful. *what kind of girl couldn't resist?
He is smart, and does his homework. for reals.
He is absolutley beautiful, because *guys can be beautiful too.
And hey, he writes poetry. Why not? *now that's an attractive quality.
He smiles, and makes you smile to.
He may have flaws, but your so in love with everything about him that you're blinded to them.
He is the boy that you fall more in love with everytime you see him, because those eyes just take you in. And make you wish that love story's could last forever.
But truth is Cinderella.
Happily Ever After isn't as easy as you make it seem.
There is no godmother.
No golden carraige.
No fancy ball.
No glass slipper.
So Tell him how you feel.
Tell him you're the one for him.
Tell him he's beautiful.
Prove to the world that teenage love can last.
Prove that you can do it.
and don't let things crash and burn.
When thing's get bad, turn the page, don't close the book.
but if you are going to close the book, atleast bookmark the page.
Because a True love story

Words from: MellyTuck.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

She's that girl.

Right now, she seems to be the girl, that one girl who is just invisible. and she just wishes today that it would rain all day, because maybe it would wash the pain away. Her against enemies, her against friends, her against her loved ones. It seems to be that they have become one.
But she never slows down. Because she feels like when she's alone, her world comes crashing down. She feels that if she lets the first tear fall, she won't be able to stop the rest.
So she stands in the rain. Stands her ground. Stands up when everything's crashing down. Stands through the pain. Stands up when she's lost the game.
Because Everytime life gets her down she tells herself, that she came here
-To win.
-To fly.
-To conquer.
-To thrive.
-To Survive.
-To prosper.
-To be alive.
Everybody is trying to box her out, but she is not a word. Not a name. She is not a girl that a dictionary could ever define.
Every body is unique, and special in their own way. So When life gets you down, smile through the pain and dance in the rain.
When in doubt.. Remember ohh remember:
-Smile. Its good for your soul.
-Laughing burns calories.
-The tragedies of today, make the humors of tomorrow.
-If you didn't worry about love, you would have a perfectly unharmed flower. (thanks nicole tucker for that one!)
-There's a different between being alive, and living. GET OUT AND LIVE. YOUR LIFE. THE WAY YOU WANT.
-Your the one who has to die when you die, so live the way you want to live.

Words From: MellyTuck. inspired by Nick Minaj.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

True Beauty.

When you think of beautiful things, what comes to mind? Is it those skinny girls on the cover of magazines, or up on the billboards you pass as your on the freeway? Or do you think of people who donate their time, and love to others.
Teenage girls eye's will be fooled, by the skinny figure on the magazines. They will think that is beautiful. Pretty. In. What you need to look like to get some guy to like you.
Well I want you all to know, its all fake. the magazines lie.
Being insanley skinny isn't good for you. Little boys fetch bones, real men like curves. So enjoy those late night bowls of ice cream, that chocolate bar, or that 32 oz. of mountain dew.
Because: True beauty in my opinion isn't about looks. It's anyone who fills others with charity.
A beautiful person glows. You'll be able to tell right away too. They just have that spark about them, and their impact on others is huge.
True beauty is in the soul. Not the face. I've been told that happy girls are the prettiest, because a smile is a girl's best accesory.
 This world is filled with so many beautiful people. Those who love others, those who smile at strangers, those who help others, are simply beautiful.
YOU are beautiful. and don't let anyone tell you that you aren't.
The world will try to bring you down, but don't let it. When you look in the mirror, tell yourself youre beautiful, and pretty soon, you will shine.

So Remember:
Smiling is good for your soul.
Jesus said love everyone; including yourself.
and don't let the world fool you.

Words From: MellyTuck.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Fall Day.

Please excuse my absence.
I have been figuring out life. and how to control it.
I hadn't really had a thing to blog about.
Because I had other things on my mind.
I am happier now, but not 100% cured. but
today I'd like to make a post, about the lovely fall day.
So here it goes.

Today I claim was the first TRUE day of fall.
Proof of this?
I wore a scarf to school and my neck didn't get all hot and itchy.
I wore short sleeves and for the first time in a while wanted a jacket while I was outside.
It rained basically all day.
The clouds were gray.
It wasn't 80% degrees in the afternoon for once.
The Leaves are turning colors and falling on to the ground, I now know this because
when I walked on my sidewalk crisp, wet, orange leaves were stuck to my blue vans.
I made hot chocolate and didn't feel like an idiot.

I love the fall. The fall completes me. It makes me happy. (:

Words From: MellyTuck.