Everybody has an untold story; They just need to find someone who will listen.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Because its when I need [YOU] the most.

When I have had a bad day,
When I am upset,
When I am feeling down,
When I am broken,
When I feel like theres nothing left of me,
Is when I need you the most.
You: as in my family and my friends.
Take me as I am.
Love me.
Be there for me.
Forgive me.
Give me time to get my head on straight.
Be patient with me.
Because when I am lost.
Is when I need your help.
Let me know Im not alone.
Give me one more try.
Let me make life right.
Let me fix things.
I will try my best, each and everyday.
for those who are always there for me,
because I owe it to them.

Thank you to all those beautiful people who are always there for me.
Thank you especially to..
Erika Logan, she accepts me for whoever I am. She will always be there no matter what I do.
Angela Bellitti, she always gives me faith. and makes me want to make tomorrow better than yesterday.
My mother, she some how just knows what to do to make it better. She's an amazing person. She makes me who I am today.
My sister, Nicole Tucker, she is my best friend, and my sister. I am grateful for her. I am so glad she is my friend, and I know she will always be there for me.
and the rest of my family, who make me smile, and I have the greatest memories with them. They always know how to make me laugh til I cry.

I [BELIEVE] that if you surround your self with good people. your life can be BEAUTIFUL.

Words From: MellyTuck.
Inspired by: David Cook

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

For the love of being a cheerleader(:

I love a good cheer practice.
I love my gym. (TNT)
I love my cheer team. (Freshman Vikings)
I love my coach. (Kerbi Durfey)
I love my stunt group: my flyer. (Bailee Cook) my backspot. (Whitney Doxey) and my other base. (Macayla Madsen)
I love having a succesful cheer practice.
I love the feeling you get after you hit a solid stunt.
I love the pain you get in your wrists from being a base.
I love the sound when you clean. (Cheerleaders know what cleaning is)
I love it when everybody claps at the exact same time.
I love when we are warming up our toe touches, and our team yells "VIKES!" when we clean.
I love when we do our routines to the music.
I love it when I am in the car and a song comes on that I have a dance to, and I do it in the car and drive my mom nuts.

Words From: MellyTuck.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


She's lost. She's vain.
She will never be the same, without you.
She can't fight.
Because what she has to say doesn't matter anymore.
She can't win lifes battles without you.
And its plain to see she still loves you,
but love is just a silly word.
Promises didn't mean a thing.
and so she will stand with her suitcase,
and look back at the comfortable glow of your front porch.
And for her, its back to the nicholas sparks books.
because her story has ended.
It's plain to see she cared,
but he just played a game.
I guess she just couldn't ever figure out
how to love.

Words From: MellyTuck. Inspired By: Lil Wayne

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Most people who didnt know her, could say she had it all. She was a cheerleader. Talking to boys came easy for her. She was well known. She had a lot of friends. She got good grades. Teachers liked her. and she went through everyday with a smile on her face. But what not everybody realized, is that her smile was out of place. She didnt really have it as good as she made it look. A smile could make a terrible day look perfect.
    What people didnt know is that she talks to boys, because she is insecure. She is well known because not everybody likes her, and when people talk about her.. it's just gossip. It might seem like she has a lot of friends, but when it comes down to it, how many of them will actually be there for her? How many actually take time to notice the smile on her face is just about as fake as it gets. She gets good grades because if she didnt, her parents would ruin her.
     She felt like nobody knew who she really was. She could never be who she really was inside because if she was, people would think she is a freak, if they didnt think that before. In a hallway of 50 others at school, she felt so alone. So unoticed. So unwanted. and so uncared about. Those who she thought were her best friends, sometimes gave her dirty looks. It's funny how people always do the things they promise they would never do. And as she sat in class, it would take everything she had to keep the tears from streaming down her face. She was one of those people who knew who she was on the outside, but her light didnt shine through. She knew too well what it felt like to cry herself to sleep at night. She too well what being surrounded by two faced people felt like. She's been called ugly many more times than shes been called beautiful. Shes forced way to many laughs, and faked way too many smiles. She's tired of hurting inside. and one day she hopes she'll stop telling herself that tomorrow is going to be the day she turns her life around, and instead choose today.

Friday, September 9, 2011

All the reasons why.

Once upon a time. There was a boy and a girl.
She was just another girl, trying to find her way through the world.
He was just another boy, living life however he liked.
It was Him. and Her.
That fit together perfectly.
Love it was. because:
She loved the way his lips felt on hers.
The way his arms clung to her waist.
The way he pulled her closer to him.
and It was the way her stomach felt whenever she looked at him.
It was way he looked at her with those dark brown eyes.
It was things he said that made her smile, and when she smiled, he melted.
It was those times when he pulled her closer and caught a faint trace of her perfume.
It was way he whispered I love you.
The way she giggled in between kisses.
The way their fingers always intertwined when they walked side by side.
The way they looked at the stars, and talked for hours.
The way he stroked her hair.
It's the way their love was.
You know, the kind of love that people would search all over the world for, just to find the right person.
She was lucky that he came into her life.
Because now
When she walks, her hands aren't lonely.
Her lips never get cold anymore.
She stopped reading all of Nicholas Sparks romance novels, and started writing her own.
She now has a reason to smile.
She doesn't stay up late at night and think about all those what if's and what could have beens.
She doesn't have to convince herself she's special, instead she's told everyday that she is.
And now, she can watch Dear John without thinking they couldn't of fallen in love that fast.
She didn't waste her time, and neither did he.
Love is what they had.

I hope one day to find love, the way they had it.

Words From: MellyTuck.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Perfect Mistakes.

Teenagers will make mistakes.

Teenagers Will:
Do stupid things because at that moment they thought it was funny.
Say things they don't mean.
Fall in love in the worst way.
Stand up for themselves.
Realize their in too deep when it's far too late.
Deny the truth.
Leave the back door unlocked.
Break the law.
Find color in the darkest places.
Could have the world but choose not too.
Look for heaven.
Come home later than they were supposed to.
Have the worst mood swings.
Over use the words I Love You.
Fight with their parents.
Give people a hard time.
Waste their time wishing.
Walk away when they should have stayed.
Forgive the people who deserve it the least.
Play their music 10x louder than needed.
Stay up 3 hours later than healthy.
Get burned by the fire.
Make the same mistakes.
Laugh til they cry.
Miss the little things.
Go through trials.
Party a lot more than neccesary.
Spend too much time texting.
Rebel from the rules.
Live their life in a way that others think is wrong.
Do all the things their not supposed to.
But all these things are our job.
Because if we did everything the way we were supposed to
parent's wouldn't have to help us with our everyday problems, screwups, and mistakes.
I believe teenagers are perfect in their own way.
and remember.
The apple doesn't fall to far from the tree.

Words From: MellyTuck.